About Us

Yummy Tummy sells authentic taste food that reminds us the memories taste of our good old days. Life has evolved as we grow older and we moved around places for work and family and there’s how and where we settled down at our current geography.

At some time, you just want to taste again the authentic taste and the texture of the food how you eat it when you were young, but it is hard to access nowadays. Well, here we are Yummy Tummy will assist you in getting the authentic taste for the food again across Malaysia, so you can get to taste even now.

Besides, we are supplying healthy and tasty food at convenience to enjoy food wherever you are regardless you are at home or corporate office. To be healthy you need a balance food diet and Yummy Tummy will provide you the lunch and dinner boxes to be delivered to you at your door steps.

So, stay healthy and enjoy tasty food at your own convenience! Look for Yummy Tummy!